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and now a Mass Effect reference :) probably missed a ton of though

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I've been amazed by time dilation since reading the Ender series, love that it is included in this movie.

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Watching Lightyear on Disney+, I like that they have lots of scientific issues in a kids movie like time dilation.

Just 1% of people cause a stunning 50% of global aviation emissions

"Why do I have to limit my meat consumption and use paper straws while the 1% gets to pump tons of carbon into the atmosphere for a day trip to Palm Springs?"

Bankerydsleden idag och imorgon. Test av utrustningen på riktigt. 10.3kg!

Monsieur Hercule Purrrot >^..^<

“The meowderer is here in this room. Meow.”

Maybe give it another week to get higher attenuation or bottle now and risk a heavier carbonation

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Not sure what to do with my current fermentation (WLP530). It is up to 20 days in the tank now and has reached 71% attenuation. Started at 1.039 and is at 1.011 at the moment. 7 days ago it was at 1.012 so very slow progress last week.

My calculator had the yeast at 80% attenuation but I had about 30 minutes of mashing at over 69°C so there should be plenty of complex sugars harder to break down. Maybe it just won't dry out. @homebrewing @beersofmastodon

Mastodon gets a bad rep for how large some instances are.

Do you think the fediverse would exist without these large instances?

Unless you wrote your own server you'd have to join one or install one.

What do you think most people would do? Would you trust an instance operated by the project developer over one operated by some random person?

We can't expect #fediverse prosperity while perpetuating the notion that large instances are detrimental when they support migration and don't lock-in

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