@karlos @w0bb1t with the current rendering methods (raster tiles) it wouldn't work. But there are efforts to create vector based maps which could render in any projection

this is the kind of high quality journalism that is sorely lacking from today's news environment

I'm seriously impressed with TV series. Managed to capture that Neil Gaiman feel perfectly.

@selea sleep or a shower is a the best for solving problems... or the loo

@thor and it is one of the most readable programming languages I've ever worked with. It is so easy to work with because of that.

Dagens dag: Hembygdens dag

Dagens förslag: att besöka en hembygdsgård.


@thor it depends on the setting I think. It was a very 90s/pre-9/11 type setting about boring lives in the office. Similar to Fight Club.

I think the scifi parts would still work as well today as then.

@helenaroth @JoWa @Citrusskal @maloki det kan nog vara en svår balansgång det där. Mellan att skriva det man själv vill och det som målgruppen vill ha.

@helenaroth my favourite type of Sci-Fi are the ones that make you think, and some of the Ender books are amazing at that.

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