Watching Lightyear on Disney+, I like that they have lots of scientific issues in a kids movie like time dilation.


I've been amazed by time dilation since reading the Ender series, love that it is included in this movie.

and now a Mass Effect reference :) probably missed a ton of though


Ender. BEST books ever!!

I reread the entire series last year and loved diving into Ender's worlds again!

Spoilers: Ender book series 

@helenaroth I really loved the main books centered around Ender, liked the prequels and got bored by the Shadow series where Ender's brother received so much reddit points that they decide to elect him God-Emperor…

@helenaroth my favourite type of Sci-Fi are the ones that make you think, and some of the Ender books are amazing at that.

@gustav exActly!!

Not sci-fi but definitely books that makes me think is the three Ishmael books by Daniel Quinn. Read them?

@gustav whoop! If/When you read and you remember me - let me know your thoughts, cuz it’s a trilogy I am mightily influenced by. In many ways!

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