@gustav Nice! Where do you have the action camera? On your chest or on your helmet? Looks like on your helmet

@edgren it's mounted high on my chest on the straps of my backpack. Here's an old picture of how it looks.

@gustav Alright! 🙂 I have a strap for the chest and for the forehead. Want to use the helmet, but I am too shy 🙈 Want to have a much smaller action camera if I will use it on the helmet.

I saw a man bicycling in central Karlstad few weeks ago and he had his action camera inside the helmet (what it looked like). Wanted one right away, haha!

@edgren the two positions that I find look great on video is either high on chest or on the bottom of a downhill helmet.

On top of the helmet looks weird, like it's floating away from the action.

@gustav Ok 🙂

Yes, indeed. Better to have it on the chin, but that would look very weird if you're not wearing a motorcycle helmet 😄

@edgren Yep. Get one of those GoPro Chesty mounts, it is great!

@gustav Thanks for the tips 😊 Will buy a GoPro MAX some day because I want to have 360 degrees view so I can freely choose what to show the viewers 🙂

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